Clinique Bonus Time Event

05 Apr

Growing up I adored using my mother’s Clinique products as they were the most famous beauty items you could shop for. And even in middle school I snuck into my mom’s cosmetic drawer and used some of her beauty products to impress my friends at school, thankfully my mother never let me out the door, but that is another story entirely. But one thing I really love is when Clinique Bonus Time comes around and Macy’s and other department stores are offering great promotions.

So that brings us to what exactly Clinique Bonus Time is and why it may very well be your favorite time to go shopping for all your beauty needs. However, before we talking about the sales and offers, let us first discuss why you should consider Clinique products in the first place. One of the main differences between similar brands of cosmetics, is the fact that Clinique uses the input of professional dermatologist to formulate and create their beauty products. So not only do Clinique products make you look your best, they also are designed to keep your skin looking its best too.

And one of the best facts about Clinique products you should know, is that they are specifically tested against known allergies and are free of any fragrance which is important for allergy prone people. If you have allergies or people you work with have allergies, Clinique makeup and lotions make perfect sense, as you don’t have to worry about bothering fellow coworkers. Personally, I really like the fact that Clinique products are fregrance free, and you can’t smell me coming down the hall from the other end of the building.

And besides their beauty products, Clinique also has an extensive range of face creams, lotions and other skin care products that are very popular items. Such as their 3 step skin care system, that contains a deep bar soap scrub and two other lotions that are designed to keep your skin looking its best.

So if you are considering buying Clinique cosmetics, you want to pay attention to Clinique Bonus Time so you get the best bang for your buck. There are a number of great opportunities to get free products and really the minimum purchase amount is only $30 which is very affordable. Not only do you get great discounts off your purchase, but more importantly you qualify for free clinique products which can retail for sometimes as much as your purchase alone. Throughout the year you will find a number of different discounts and free bonus offers, so pay attention to which ones you want. And when I am talking about Clinique Bonus Time bonuses, I mean actual bonuses you want to get, like full size eye liner, lipstick, face creams and even full Clinique gift boxes. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that different stores will be offering different discounts and bonuses so it’s wise to look around. Also you should consider signing up for your department stores mailing list, as a lot of times they send updates and new promotions directly to your email box.

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